About Us

Who will you be today?

Just Imagine gives kids access to a whole range of worlds where they can take on any role they want. From the sky to the sea, a science lab to the supermarket, kids can use their imaginations to be whoever they want to be with a whole range of environments to choose from.

A change from the many soft play options around, Just Imagine is a space for kids from pre-school to primary school age to create their own worlds through play.

With a background in education and experience of running pre-school classes, owner Clare Reason makes sure every aspect of Just Imagine lives up to her high standards – including safety and cleanliness, looking after our environment and having as much fun as possible!

Grown-ups can enjoy the calmer atmosphere while using the complementary WiFi (coming soon!) and enjoying a nice coffee and cake, while the whole family can enjoy a healthy, light lunch from our locally sourced and environmentally friendly café with options for those with special dietary requirements.

All this while knowing that the kids are improving their vocabulary, learning to work with others and using their imaginations, all while having fun!

Our team

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